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Communicate with online videos in a smart, fun and efficient way. Cloudreel gives you all the knowledge you need. With simple step by step instructions and automated templates, you create professional videos fast and easy to your business.

How it works

What you can do

Create and share videos fast and easy with Cloudre



In simple steps you will learn how and what video to do. The key to success is knowledge, you get it here.



Filming directly with your mobile, you get inspiration and knowledge through the film school which gives you smart tips on how to get good sound, light, image and feeling.



You simply upload from your mobile phone or drag'n drop on your computer. Choose whether you want to use as a finished movie or if you want to cut together several different sequences.



With Cloudreel Integrated Templates it is quick to make a video. Upload your clips, add text and music - The template automatically creates a video for you that you can edit.



Simple and fast editing tool where you can cut, add music, text, images, nameplates, intro with your logo, etc.



Select where you want the movie to be shared, by marking different channels the video is automatically shared to different places and people.

What you can do!

Create movies automatically based on what you want to do. Everything from a simple interview to an advanced event movie
All you need to do is follow the template and the instructions you are given. If you need help we have lots of tutorials for you 


Create your own education. They are easy to create and understand.    


Create authentically trustworthy interviews and edit them easily with intros, titles and music.


Publish your messages quickly based on your graphical profile, reach a big audience.

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